Cocaine Detox

The objective of detoxification is to assist the cocaine addict in ending the use of the drug as quickly and safely as possible, in a supervised environment. In some cases, it may be necessary to temporarily substitute another drug (such as methadone) which has fewer side effects.

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Cocaine Effects

Cocaine abuse and cocaine addiction creates a hell on earth.

Chances are, you know that already.

Probably because you (or someone you love) are in the grip of cocaine's effects. Cocaine is the world's most powerful natural stimulant, and has a higher potential for addiction than most other drugs.

You've been looking for help, for you or a loved one. Help to break the cycle of addiction. Help to make the pain go away. Help to return to life like it used to be, before it all went to pieces.

There is help. And it is possible to kick the addiction to cocaine, and get your life back on track. Cocaine treatment is available, and people just like you are living free from the "hell on earth" that you're experiencing right now.

Gulf Coast Recovery wants you to know all about cocaine - and all about treatment. That's why they support this website. Once you understand what cocaine is doing to your body, to your life, and to the people who care about you, we hope you'll take the first step toward turning things around.